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Job Description

Job Purpose:

  • To manage the day to day technical support for all vehicle mechanical systems including the vehicle and parts specifications within the Engineering department to ensure maintenance of all SINYAR Vehicles.Technical evaluation of all parts suppliers include all safety critical items

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities :

  • To prepare the schedule for the preventive and predictive maintenance of all vehicle mechanical system for all SINYAR Vehicles.
  • To ensure prompt response to various mechanical breakdown and restore vehicles so as to ensure uninterrupted operations. 
  • To allocate manpower and resources as per requirement and to ensure that inventory costs of spare parts and consumables are within budget.
  • To provide direction and mechanical technical support to all staff in the engineering department in carrying out their duties as within established policies and parameters. To handle all escalations.
  • To coordinate with Supply Chain Management Department to ensure that the spare parts are available in time as per the requirements. Specifically, Safety Critical items.
  • To ensure that the documents are prepared and archived as per the stated guidelines. 
  • ensure that the vehicles are available as per the requirement of the Operations and Commercial & Planning Departments. 
  • To participate in the acquisition of all materials and services pertaining the workshop. Including all tools and equipment.
  • To contribute to capability building in SINYAR by recruiting staff, communicating job expectations, training & mentoring employees and drive high levels of employee engagement and staff motivation in order to achieve departmental objectives.
  • To ensure (in coordination with QHSE Department) safety and security of passengers, employees and equipment. To support the implementation of programs to assure safety and emergency preparedness. To promote a safe work environment while complying with all of SINYAR safety rules, policies, and procedures.
  • To stay abreast of current and emerging technical and regulatory/legal aspects affecting engineering and public transportation; to make the necessary changes in policies and procedures and educate staff accordingly.
  • To assist in the IT and technology enablement of various processes in the Engineering function so as to increase efficiency and streamline processes.
  • To adhere to all QHSE policies and guidelines in the workplace. To wear Personal Protective Equipment at all times whilst on duty within SINYAR premises.
  • Place of work is at any SINYAR office, depot or workshop within the Sultanate of Oman, location to be at the discretion of SINYAR Management.
  • Normal working hours will be 40 hours per week, working out of normal office hours will be necessary, this will include working late, working on shifts and weekends as and when deemed necessary by your line Manager.
  • Carrying Out Vehicle Quality Control Inspections and Documentation audits on behalf of the Engineering Manager.
  • Developing/register uncommon faults/defects on vehicles and proposed effective repair. Manage all warranty claims.
  • Any other assigned duties from time to time.

Experience and Educational Requirements

  • 4-year automotive mechanical apprenticeship with full level 3 city & Guilds or IMI (Institute of Motor Industry) level 3.
  • 5 years workshop experience working as a technician on heavy vehicles repairing.


  • Bachelor’s in mechanical automotive engineering.
  • 5 years Bus Manufacturing experience in design or installation of mechanical systems.

Job Requirements
Minimum Qualification : Secondary School
Experience : You should have Experience of Minimum 4 years to apply for this Job
Job Description

Job Purpose:

  • To ensure effective technical and economical management of the Deck Department and to support Master in commanding the ship. To implement and monitor with due diligence ship safety, maritime pollution prevention, and cost management.


Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities :

Deck Activities and Maintenance

  • Plan, supervise, and manage the activities of the Deck Department.
  • Supervise and control the repair and maintenance of the Deck Department.
  • Direct and assist the deck staff closely in technical related matters.
  • Order on a timely basis Deck Department consumables.
  • Coordinate with the Engine Department the repair of any deck equipment which is not functioning properly.


Shipboard Safety Operations

  • Safeguard the safety of passengers, crew, ship, and cargo as Safety Officer of the Shipboard.
  • Supervise safety equipment, equipment to avert hazards, and lifesaving equipment.
  • Ensure safe working conditions with proper lighting from the ramp to the work areas.
  • Supervise all cargo operations
  • Ensure ship’s safety and stability during loading / discharging operations.


Sea Monitoring

  • Monitor the sea continuously, perform sea watching, and report agitation or risks in embarking.
  • Coordinate with Second Officer in the provision of safety and lifesaving equipment.



  • Perform ship safety trainings to all crew members.
  • Evaluate technical needs and develop trainings for Deck crew.
  • Coach and advice on instructions to new Deck crew.
  • Train all cadets and unlicensed personnel assigned to perform deck work; and ensure they are properly instructed in safe work practices.


Supervision of Subordinates

  • Plan, supervise, the Deck Department crew’s activities and responsibilities.
  • Manage the deck personnel and provide them with ongoing assistance.
  • Safeguard safety of Deck’s crew.
  • Prepare the maintenance schedules and daily work assignments in the Deck Department taking into account the provisions of the international conventions, government regulations, classification regulations, Company standards and procedures.


Educations & Qualifications:

  • Bachelor or Diploma degree in Nautical Studies
  • Certificates and Examinations required for relevant ship as per STCW requirements, minimum Class II CoC, regulation (II/2) & (IV/2)
  • Fitness for sea service.
  • Seafaring record.


Job Requirements
Minimum Qualification : Diploma
Nationality : Omani
Experience : You should have Experience of Minimum 1 years to apply for this Job

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