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Job Description

- Create and sustain jobs for nationals in the logistics sector by establishing skills development programs for nationals. This role plays a crucial role in causing modifications and improvements to employment legislation that may impact Omanisation.
* Strategic Contribution: Logistic Sector Workforce Nationalization
- Establishment of long and short-term strategies for Omanization in the sector.
- Continuous evaluation of occupation nationalization in the sector through market analysis.
- Establishment of Skills for employment programs for hard to fill / trending
- occupations.
- Ensure maintenance of accurate data of the workforce.
- Work closely with government stakeholders (MOTC, MOM, NTF, NCSI and Tanfeedh) to ensure national recruitment and development programs are prioritized.
- Build and maintain relationships with external partners and companies and vendors; in the logistic sector.
- Ensure succession plans are established and executed in a timely manner in the targeted companies.
- Periodic report on workforce supply and demand to inform permit committee resolutions/recommendations.
- Establishment of ICV framework in relation to job opportunities for nationals
- Formation of committee and Terms of Reference (TOR) for work permits
Omanisation Monitoring, Evaluation and Continuous Improvement
- Develop, agree and implement effective monitoring and evaluation strategies, methods and systems to identify and report on Omanisation performance, the realisation of targets and expected benefits and to determine the need for improvements.
- Set evaluation parameters and establish a formal reporting structure to obtain the information they need to coordinate and monitor progress across all projects.
- Set Omanisation review dates to monitor and review to identify and evaluate the risks associated with activities, plan and execute appropriate action to control the risk and ultimately ensure projects remain on target.

* People Management
- Manage the effective achievement of assigned objectives through the leadership of the assigned department by setting of individual objectives, managing performance, developing and motivating staff to maximise departmental performance.
- Facilitate communication between the Program Director and the implementation team members.
- Lead the talent development initiatives for the assigned department, collaborating with technical/ discipline experts and thereby ensure the availability of talent to fit business requirements.

* Budgeting and Financial Planning
- Manage the preparation and recommend the departmental budget and monitor financial performance versus the budget while ensuring all departmental activities are conducted in line with the approved guidelines.
- Monitor expenditure and costs against delivered and realised benefits as the Program’s projects and activities progress.
Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures
- Manage and ensure effective implementation of policies, procedures and controls covering all areas of assigned departmental activity so that all relevant procedural/ legislative requirements, fulfilled while delivering a quality, cost-effective service.

* Project Management
- Coordinate a small team of specialists to implement project activities.
- Establish plans and goals for each project, setting objectives, assigning tasks, allocating budgets and agreeing on timetables for achieving intermediate and overall goals.
- Lead the development of the project proposal or plan to determine timeframe, funding limitations, procedures for accomplishing the project, staffing requirements, and allotment of available resources to various phases of the project.
- Manage the roll out of approved projects and activities in line with the organisational policies and procedures, all relevant legislation and professional standards to achieve overall Program outputs.
- Collaborate and coordinate with other stakeholders to ensure that Programs and associated projects support each other to avoid clashes, duplication, re-work and peaking resource loads.
* Stakeholder Engagement
- Proactively engage all key stakeholders in allocated projects and programs to ensure commitment and buy-in for change activities as well as participation in executing required actions from within projects.
- Partner with internal stakeholders including Finance, Corporate Development, Corporate Support and Cluster Leaders to enable and optimise the full value of the Program in line with Omanisation strategic objectives.
* Reporting
- Report of Omanisation and programs progress at project milestones and ensure all reports are prepared timely and accurately and meet ASYAD requirements, policies and quality standards.
* Qualifications
- Bachelor’s degree in Education, HR Development, International Business, Organisation Development or other relevant discipline
- MBA or Master’s degree in International Business or Organisational Development is preferred
* Experience
- 7 – 10 years of work relevant experience
- Senior manager experience in both industry and Government
- Knowledge and experience in labour permits and succession planning is a major advantage
- Strong background in project management
- Financial management skills to administer budgets across multiple projects
- Knowledge of and experience of industrial or vocational training in the road, rail, marine or aviation transport sectors is a major advantage
- Experience implementing and / or managing quality control or similar related processes and procedures
- Experience managing Omanisation projects with multi-disciplinary / organisational teams ideally in the transport environment
- Network in both government and private sector is an advantage
* Skills
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (oral, written, presentation) required to facilitate effective interaction with diverse stakeholders at both senior and working levels to effect change and in overcoming institutionalised inertia
- Demonstrations of analytical skills
- Ability to think strategically and provide purposeful solutions
- Ability to work independently to successfully deliver expected outcomes within a limited timeframe, work to deadlines under pressure
- Ability to actively participate, engage with and inspire the team and other stakeholders despite inevitable setbacks

Job Requirements
Minimum Qualification : Bachelor Degree
Nationality : Omani
Experience : You should have Experience of Minimum 7 years to apply for this Job
Job Description

1- Main Purpose :- 
- Plan, develop and execute information security framework, policies, controls and procedures in ASYAD group to ensure data confidentiality, system availability and integrity. Oversee the implementation of security measures to protect assets, systems and networks belonging to ASYAD Group to the best global standards to meet ASYAD Group objectives.
2- Principal Accountabilities:-
- Develop, implement and monitor information security framework, policies and procedures for ASYAD Group
- Ensure that ASYAD Group is adhering to Oman’s information security laws and regulations.
- Uplift the information security practices across ASYAD Group to match the best international standards such as ISO 27001
- Ensure that confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, assets, networks and systems within ASYAD Group are maintained
- Conduct periodic audits of security violations and vulnerabilities and lead fixing security issues.
- Oversee the execution of security updates and patches
- Work with business units to facilitate risk assessment and risk management procedures
- Prepare security performance reports of ASYAD Group to the management
- Conduct training and awareness sessions on security related issues across ASYAD Group
- Keep up-to-date with the latest trends, attacks and vulnerabilities in the information security area by reading relevant publications, attending courses and participate in workshops and seminars
- Incorporate best security practices across all business functions
- Assist with overall technology planning by providing guidance and knowledge of existing solutions and future trends
3- Qualification,Experience And Skills :-
- Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology or any relevant discipline Preferences will be given to holders of professional security certificates such as CISSP, CISM, CRISC, CEH, CISA.
- Minimum 5 years’ experience in any of information security disciplines
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Problem solving abilities and creative thinking
- Strategy development skills
- Leadership and management skills
- Team work skills

Job Requirements
Minimum Qualification : Bachelor Degree
Nationality : Omani
Experience : You should have Experience of Minimum 5 years to apply for this Job